'what ever you end up doing, Love it.' - Alfredo, Cinema Paradiso

Christian Cerami is an internationally award-winning filmmaker. His directorial debut Black Sheep — a short observational documentary — is a bleak and hard-hitting look at the current wave of islamophobia sweeping Britain. Set in the North of England, it explores the dynamics of working-class youth culture: rising inequality and deeply inherent xenophobia. Black Sheep has been screened at  film festivals the world over, and was recently shortlisted for a BAFTA and nominated for a Grierson Award.

Christian's fiction and commercial work feature slick imagery, crisp color palettes and inventive editing — a sharp contrast when juxtaposed to the gritty realism of his documentary work. This best exemplifies his versatility and creative appetite, switching up form and genre to best serve character and plot. Tying his various projects is a raw passion for filmmaking and storytelling. No matter what he directs next, it’ll be made with love.